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A Message from CSATF Director- Charles Hughes

All Rise, Court is in Session. The time is here. The time is NOW!

The California Staff Assault Task Force was created in October of 2003. The Task Force was formed by a group of concerned Correctional Employees who banded together and formed a membership controlled, employee organization to fight back. The Task Force was established to provide staff assault support and to provide assistance to crime victims within our community.


Far too many times Law Enforcement and staff are forgotten about after an assault. The Task Force has established a system where members will not be forgotten. This system ensures that each and every member has a voice.  Along with the assurance you will be taken care of when assaulted, you will also be helping your fellow brother or sister who have been assaulted as well.


It is important to remember that we can all become the target of an assault at any time. Whether you are a Peace Officer or Non-Custody staff, the next assault could be you!



Charles Hughes
Executive Director
California Staff Assault Task Force

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